English Immersion Course

English Immersion Course

Our English Immersion Course provides intensive English language training for adults, business people or language students wanting to develop their language skills quickly. You practice your English both within the classroom and outside while doing activities with your teacher.

The right teacher for you

Finding the right teacher is of paramount importance. Some teachers specialise in beginners and intermediate learners, whilst others prefer teaching advanced students. Not all teachers teach Business English, and very few Technical English. After registration you will receive a "Needs Analysis" and an "Assessment Test". With this information we can select a suitable teacher to meet your requirements. Defending on your requirements a combination of teachers may be advisable. You can send materials (in English) to your teacher in advance, to help their preparation.

Flexible programme, both in and outside the classroom

Our programme is very flexible and can be tailored to your wishes. You book a block lessons, normally between 15 and 40. These lessons can be held in the classroom as formal English tuition, or outside doing activities with your teacher and practicing your English in real-life situations.The activities can be arranged to suit your interests e.g. excursions, museum visits. For example if you book 40 lessons, you might to decide to have 25 lessons in the classroom and 15 outside. If you prefer naturally you can do all lessons in the classroom.


Most people requiring an English Immersion Course book a hotel. Sliema offers a wide range of hotels of different price classes and close to the school. We offer an extensive range of hotels, but naturally you can book your own. We can also organise a homestay within walking distance of the school.

Extra activities

We can also organise supplementary activities which you do without your teacher. We can arrange tennis lessons, horse riding, golf, scuba diving, windsurfing, sailing, swimming and many others. These activities you can book and pay for while you are on Malta.

English Immersion Course

Course Code: Immersion 15/20/30/40
Lessons per week: 15/20/30/40 x 45 min.
Course start: Any day
Courses available: All the year round
Maximum class size: 1
Levels: All levels
Course timetable: As required
Course duration: As required

Prices in € per Week
Lessons per Week 15 20 30 40
Course PE 270.00 340.00 480.00 620.00
Course PSE 300.00 380.00 540.00 715.00